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Friday, July 19, 2013

To send or not to send

Ah well, does one take a chance and reach out to another human being when one just might be snubbed? Or should you just bide your time and not think too much.

To think or not to think

To write or not to write

To send or not to send

That is the dilemma!

O dear Queen Latifah!   What kind of queen art thou if you have no courage to speak your truth – even if it is to a stranger.

So Desi Brigit Jones decided to be her usual perky insolent self and shot out an email to one particular online beau that she fancied…..

What happened?  Nothing! There was not a squeak out of Mr. E which in a way was a good thing for now Brigit could get him out of her mind.  After all, surely it doesn’t take too much for him to be kind to a stranger? Yes, indeed kindness was a trait she realised she valued far more than the hitherto all important trait of intelligence. Every person comes into one's life for a reason; to teach us something or for us to teach them something. Maybe the importance of 'being kind' was the lesson to be learnt in this particular interaction.  Never ever would Brigit ignore or snub another online beau again.


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