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Monday, July 15, 2013

Cougar Lady!

The whole past week has been spent moping about this new online beau who is much younger than me. So I went online to see what the ‘experts’ had to say about this phenomenon. Well, Even Mark Katz warns you that a young guy is likely only to want a romp in the sack. And then I read article after article where he warned one that given differing priorities in life, a long term relationship with a younger man (with such a huge age difference) might not work.

And then I stumbled onto Susan Winter’s website which gave me hope – that it was possible to have a meaningful relationship with someone much younger. I especially liked what she said about how a young guy was perfectly matched with a much older woman simply because he was young and curious and she was with age much more relaxed about her body and her sexuality.  I liked what she said about how a younger guy would challenge you in ways that you’d never imagined simply because he had so much less dating experience and therefore was more honest in his approach. And how you needed to be equally honest too – I rather like that thought and I must say it kind of resonates with my experience with this young stud.

Ah well, but then I know myself; Desi Brigit Jones has a weakness for intelligent, witty men who write well and has learned the hard way that just because you vibe well with someone over text and the written word, that doesn’t mean you’ll gel in person.

But still I’m curious. Next time the young stud asks me out, I might just say yes – and go for the date, with half a dozen lollipops for the both of us! J


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