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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Inner Child

Desi Bridget Jones felt sad, mad, bad all because she couldn’t find a nice lad!
It seemed as if history was repeating itself yet again; she’d fallen for an asshole. The only difference was this time she was able to recognise the fact early on, or rather she paid attention to the little voice inside her that said this man was selfish and was able to dump him without too many qualms.
It seemed like a never ending search; though she wondered if the people she was attracting to her had something to do with her own inner state of being. Oh well, it was frustrating and annoying. She really didn’t want to date anymore. It was time to date her “inner child” as they say in pop psychology, though she didn’t quite know what that meant.
So let me try explaining this concept in layman terms: While we might be chronologically, 41, 51 or even 61, we have an inner emotional self of 5 or 6.  So when you react to something, you’re not always reacting as an adult but from that 5 or 6 year old emotional self or ‘inner’ child. The inner emotional self is the seat of creativity, playfulness and so is an essential part of you. The inner child is the source of intuition and for people who’re heavily left brained and analytical (like me!), the inner child is a part of us that gets ignored.  Getting in touch with your ‘inner child’ is akin to getting in touch with your ‘emotional’ self; the little girl in you.
Orna and Mathew Walters are a “Power couple on love” that I stumbled onto while browsing the net. They talk about scheduling regular “Inner Child” dates – say once a week. According to them, the relationships you have outside of you are reflections of the relationship you have with yourself – so the key to a loving partnership is to first set the relationship right with yourself -  your ‘inner child’.
Orna and Mathew Walters run a series of talks called the “Love on Purpose Revolution” Series wherein they interview 25 – 30 experts over a month. I’ve listened to these talks and have always come away with something new from each speaker. I must say I’ve also been mighty impressed with the calibre of speakers they bring on and so if you’re single or even in a relationship, the “Love on Purpose Revolution” series is a must hear.  
Inner child of mine – speak up! What would you like to do? Make a cake? Yes! That would be fun. Let’s try out that carrot cake recipe!

God: It’s a Monday morning; you need to get to work now

Brigit: I know, but my inner child wants to play today! J


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