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Monday, June 17, 2013

Taking Stock

No. of words written today: 500
No of emails sent to potential suitors:  1
No of times I’ve thought of the unsuitable suitors: Too many to count.

Ah… being the strong singleton after 40 is not easy. The only saving grace is that you haven’t lost all your looks - so yes we do look in the mirror and preen.  After all, who knows how much longer we’ll be able to do so… but knowing us women, we’ll still be preening into the mirror at 90!
The thought of getting onto that online site and being the perky chirpy persona I’ve created for myself frankly feels quite tedious. I’ve anyway created a different profile for myself – I’m a queen no less! I was told by some earlier suitors that ‘Brigit’ conjured up images of straitlaced catholic girls who weren’t fun to be with. I realise Queen Latifah definitely has people writing to her that didn’t write to Brigit so somewhere this must be working!


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