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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tyranny of the Should

Well, even if I am the Desi Bridget Jones, I do realize that a part of me thinks I should be writing about more serious corporate stuff – like Mergers and Acquisitions or Black Holes. I do remember the silence that greeted me the other day when a potential suitor asked “What are you reading?”

“Chick Lit” I replied and then realized how embarrassed I felt at saying it aloud. (I was reading Nicholas Sparks and tearing up in the airport). I thought an articulate, well-educated woman in her 40’s should be reading something more profound – even if she was stuck at the airport terminal. She should be reading something   much more impressive like Tolstoy or Nietzsche.

And I should be waxing lyrical about the state of the capital markets or marginalized farmers in Karnataka instead of spewing forth on my escapades with love, dating and relationships. Sigh….


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