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Friday, June 21, 2013

Conscious Uncoupling

Desi Bridget Jones just got dumped. Yes, dumped and I didn’t even realise it! Talk about being on a different planet; apparently in the dating world there are codes for things eg: if he says he wants a break to figure ‘things out for himself’, that is code for “You’ve just been dumped’.
Sigh, this is what happens when you get onto the dating scene after so long and when you’re in your 40’s it’s like you belong to a different era - A world where people said what they meant and weren’t so polite. They didn’t say “everything is ok” one day and then the next day you fight and he pulls the rug from under your feet – “You’ve been dumped”.
Ah well, after the one week of agonizing ‘ should I call him’ ( The answer to that is “NO”) and whining and howling and feeling sorry for myself, I started reading and listening to whatever I could get my hands on. The bible for all single women who are dating is “He’s just not that into you”. Seriously, it was such an eye-opener except that I’m not so sure I want my eyes opened.  I read the chapter on “break ups” three times before it started to dawn on me that nope, he wasn’t going to call me ever again. That I would have to make my way out of my anger, shame and hurt. First was the anger, then the hurt. Katherine Woodward Thomas in her course “Conscious Uncoupling” talks about getting to the source fracture and healing it first. 
Over the past one month since the breakup, all I’ve been doing is going online and watching videos on dealing with breakups and moving on. I especially liked Katherine Woodward Thomas videos on Youtube. It’s strange how I received the mailer on ‘Conscious Uncoupling” just when I needed it.  Maybe somewhere the Universe is taking care of me; I’m not alone and that is comforting.


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