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Sunday, July 07, 2013

The young stud

There is something about saying ‘No’ to a younger man that is like waving a red flag at a bull. The young stud huffs and puffs away in fury and keeps on storming at you to go out with him.  

But what really does you in are those eyes; limpid pools beseeching you above those snorting nostrils.  So you go out with him.

And then reality strikes; he is a kid after all - going out with Mummy. So Mummy needs to pay for the drink or dinner - after the first date mind you.  All young men are studs till the first date and then they regress to simpering boys wanting you to buy them a lollipop.

Desi Brigit Jones, being a staidly brought up Catholic, of course didn’t know the unwritten code of dating: ‘Can I come up for coffee’ has nothing to do with coffee. Anyway, the young stud came up for coffee. In all truthfulness, Brigit felt the sparks and didn’t mind a kiss. What she didn’t bargain for was how far back the young kid would regress – right down to wanting to latch onto mummy’s boobs!

Anyway, one Mexican coffee later, she managed to shoo him out of the apartment after peeling off his chubby fingers from her back  ‘What soft skin’ he croons while trying to get his hands into her jeans over her butt; what is it about men and butts anyway?

After that disaster, Desi Brigit Jones decided, the only place she’d ever see a young man again would be in the kindergarten school down the road. She’d take along her Mexican coffee, buy some lollipops and cuddle the cute little brats on her lap.

Yes, these were the young men she could handle.


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