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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Men and Dogs

Men are like dogs. Ok before you lambast me for that statement, let me clarify - I’m not a feminist out on a male bashing trip; I can think of more interesting things to do with the male of the species! J

The other day I’d gone for dinner to a friend’s place and was greeted at the door by a big brown boxer named Fred. Fred had the most gorgeous eyes and his body quivered in excitement at seeing a stranger. Being an absolute dog lover, I cuddled him and petted him whilst going in to meet everyone else.  During the course of the evening, Fred made himself comfortable amongst the adults; pushing his ball around and getting under the sofa where I sat. Every time he came near me, I’d pet his bald head and scratch him behind the ears but I soon realized he had eyes for no one but Payal. Payal on the other hand couldn’t stand dogs; she pointedly told him to go away and ignored him.  That only made Fred even more determined to get her attention. He focused his doleful eyes on her whilst trying to wag his little stub of a tail. Never mind, that I was sitting nearby holding out my hands to him. “No thank you miss – I want Payal!” was the snooty canine response.  Payal meanwhile threw her hands up in exasperation – “What is it with this dog? Why won’t he leave me alone?”

“He’s a guy – that’s why”, I replied dryly. If anyone should know – its Desi Brigit Jones. The more you ignore a man (or dog in this case), the more attractive you become. The ‘playing hard to get’ game actually works.  This explains why Mr. E, after initially filling my inbox with long emails asking me to correspond, will now not even reply back to my last two soulful emails. This is also the reason why the young stud who used to ardently woo me over IM now cursorily answers my eager questions with “hmm”, “ok”, “yes”, “no”. 

And that is why I will NOT bother with these men anymore.  I think I’ll go to the pound and get myself a dog instead. Woof!


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