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Monday, July 15, 2013

Sex in the City - Bengaluru!

I’d always thought the three ‘F’s” when I turned forty would be “Forty, fit and fabulous”. Instead there are days when I feel “Forty, fat and f^&$$% up”. No one warns you about how the years slowly creep up on you. Of how the dreams that you once thought would somehow magically happen, never quite turn out the way you dreamt they would.

So here I am in my forties, single, boyfriend- less, child-less and a whole lot of other “less’” in my head. But the one thing that has stood the test of time has been my wonderful friendship with the girls. In fact recent studies have highlighted the importance of women's freindships.  We’ve known each other for over a decade and though our lives have taken different paths, we’ve always remained connected in spirit even if not always in person.

There is Shanthi, the artist and evolved spiritual thinker of the group. She must have been Jung’s disciple in her past lifetime with her on-going quest to plummet the depths of the human psyche. The classy and quirky one is how I’d describe her.

Then there is Ananya, the glamorous doll of the lot who has men flocking to her like bees to a casket of honey. She is the lady who can use and switch men like underwear; though her taste in lingerie is impeccable I must add.

And then of course there is me, Brigit, the confused wannabe writer who is constantly searching for herself and progressively finding parts of her missing with age – the eyesight, the hair etc.

The likeness of the ‘three musketeers’ to the characters in the popular sitcom Sex and the City is purely accidental. I think I’m a combination of the tough corporate lawyer (Miranda) and the writer (Carrie).  Despite cultural and differences and geographical distances, I think single women around the world are pretty much the same.
Hello world – are you ready for a ‘Sex in the city” set in “Nemma Bengaluru”?!


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