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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I think every interaction is like a dance; you meet someone somewhere and then music starts and before you know it there’s a little dance happening between the both of you. Sometimes though, after some time, you realise that you’re both dancing to a different tune. Maybe he’s hearing the music for a slow waltz and you’re doing the fox trot and then unwittingly you end up stepping on his toes.  That doesn’t make either of you bad – just not right for each other. Thank you for the dance, Mr E.

Though I must say I’m a little tired of either stepping on someone else toes or having my toes stepped onto. Where is the one who will hear the music I’m hearing? Or maybe I just need to learn to let someone else lead the dance; I’m so much the tough corporate lady in the office, it’s very difficult to shed that role in my personal life. I’m hanging up my dancing shoes for now.  

God: This too will pass

Brigit: I know but it still hurts now

God: Big divine hug for you.  BTW, that insight on letting someone else lead is a gem.

Brigit: Yeah, I read something about it; how as women we need to step into our feminine energy in a relationship. I have enough problems trying to remember to wear jewellery, how on earth do I be more feminine?!

God: Well, it’s more than the ‘external’ appearances. The feminine energy is a receptive energy but is in no ways weak.  You have it in you; we all do.

Brigit: Right now, I’m not in the mood for any profound conversations.  Prince Charming better climb into my castle and find me – before I turn into an old witch and zap him for eternity. Hrmmp!
God: Be gentle with yourself. Remember – I am with you always


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