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Monday, January 13, 2014

The energetics of dating

It appears that Desi Brigit Jones’ prayer in the last post was answered.  The latest man in my life, S is a charming 45 year old who actually has hair on his head!  We’re good friends and I like him a lot – but I just don’t have the ‘hibbee – jibees’ as my friend describes it. While there is a mild fluttering of butterfly wings, I’m not consumed by the whirlwind tornado that I’d always thought was the hallmark of amazing chemistry.

But there is hope yet! Larry Michel on his site ‘’ talks about the ‘energetics’ of relationships and how we have our own ‘unique’ energetic mapping that is like our DNA. This influences our compatibility  with people as friends or lovers. The site looks at 4 different areas: communication style (for friends), sexual response type (for lovers), activity levels and financial logic style and come up with an individual’s energetic map based the ‘birth date’.  The tool uses the birth dates of both you and your partner to throw up your compatibility levels as ‘friends’ and as ‘lovers’. Naturally the higher you score on both aspects, the more compatible you are as partners.

Well, I’ve scored a whopping 94% with S as both friends and lovers.  And yet this is a chap I’m not wildly attracted to at all. Yes, he’s nice but that’s about it. So Match matrix then talks about ‘true’ and ‘false’ attractions; i.e. can you follow you heart or not when choosing a partner? People with ‘false’ attractions tend to be attracted to people with whom they may not be compatible with at all ( This seems to ring a very loud bell as far as I’m concerned) and the site advises one with ‘false’ attractions to persevere and not get taken in by their lukewarm response but to trust the match matrix rating.  The site allows one to check out for free compatibility levels with up to 3 people.  

So I shall ignore my ‘false attractions’ and listen to Larry Michel and give S a chance. If nothing else, it is a welcome change to have someone who dotes on you – after the last experience of the young stud who made it very evident that I was not important in his overall scheme of things. Ouch… that still hurts for some reason…. Letting go is so much easier said than done.
Brigit: I still miss the last young man; it hurts that he makes it so clear that he doesn't give a damn about me.

God: Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.  So make a choice.

Brigit: That’s easier said than done.

God: By clinging to people who are not meant to be in your life, you delay your destiny. Let them go.

Brigit: Ok – I let him go. May he burn in hell!

God: Not quite the response I’d hoped for but I guess you’ll get there in your own time J


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