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Friday, October 11, 2013


So who do you go out with - the young rookie who’s emailing you or the suave senior citizen who’s calling you?

The answer to that question is - both! According to the experts, one must ‘duty date’ using the whole dating process as an experience for inner growth. Well Desi Brigit Jones knows she definitely needs practice in the area of dating  – so that she learns to say ‘No’ and not continue to date men just because she feels sorry for them or because she doesn’t want to be rude. Yes, that seems to be the bane of my dating life - ‘not wanting to be ‘rude’. This apparently is not a sign of good manners or being brought up well in a God fearing catholic home but rather a symptom of a psychological disorder known as ‘people –pleasing’.  Sigh – I don’t think I like all the psychology stuff I’m reading up; I seem to be coming up with more and more disorders by the day!

Yes, the good Lord said you should love others as you love yourself. The key thing here is to ‘love you’ – something most people don’t have a clue about. This means, nope I will NOT keep on going out with the dork because he reminds me of a sad puppy or with the lonely old man because I think no one else will have tea with him.
Even my four year old god daughter does a better job of saying ‘No’ than my forty something year old self.  Sigh… Oh to be a child again….

 Brigit: You know I always wanted to be a saint as a little girl
God: I know – you kept saying the rosary and refused to go out to play even when I sent so many little kids to call you out.

Brigit: Yeah – well I think I know why – If there is ever going to be a patron saint for Disastrous daters it will be me – Saint Desi Brigit Jones.
God: Well, it does have a nice sound to it!

Brigit: After St. Alphonsa and Mother Teresa, I think it’s about time we had another Indian saint, don’t you think?
God: Absolutely!


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