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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Cupid’s helpers on the net

So I’m the guru of self-help on the net. If there is any seminar on love, dating, relationships on the internet, you can bet all their respective mailers are in my inbox. Most of these seminars are pretty good and I’ve always been impressed with the caliber of the speakers. Usually the seminar comprises interviews with 20 – 25 speakers of an hour each spread over the course of a month. All of them are free and you get to listen to the talks afterwards for 24 hours with the option of buying them should you want your own copy.

I’ve highlighted before the Love on Purpose Revolution and now the latest summit that is doing the rounds and is definitely worth attending is the ‘Dating with Dignity’ summit hosted by Marni Battista.  All these summits focus on you taking action and not waiting for Prince Charming to drop down from the sky.
I like the whole theme of most of these talks – about valuing yourself first and getting your own life together. This brings to mind another interesting email I received on an event, “Marry yourself” based on the premise that the most important relationship you can have is the one with yourself.

Desi Brigit Jones is currently a little overdosed on self-help on love and so has now shifted to creating abundance. I figured, since all the talks and seminar are not manifesting Prince Charming in my life, I might as well try to manifest some wealth and have some fun - without Prince Charming!
However, I shall share all the details of the ‘love’ resources I come across on this blog – good karma they say has to come around someday.

Brigit: Knock Knock!
God: Who’s there?

Brigit: Mr. & Mrs Brigit

God: Brigit who?

Brigit: The Brigit who got married to herself!  I got tired of waiting for you to send my soul mate and since you’re so busy keeping world peace what with recent events in Syria and Egypt, I figured I have no option now but to marry myself. 

So instead of the soul mate, can you now please send me a million dollars – for the honeymoon with myself! :)


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