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Thursday, September 19, 2013


So there is no way I’m going to be nominated or even win that blogadda blogging contest that’s on for the best Indian blog in various genres unless I market this blog a little bit more.

As I’m learning in the corporate world, ‘perception’ is everything. My good catholic dad always taught me to keep my head down and work hard saying that the rewards would automatically follow. I realize, he’s probably right – except that the rewards will come my way only in heaven!

Yes, if you want the rewards on earth, you got to promote yourself now.  Like Ted Turner once said: “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell, and advertise”.  

The social media is a game changer in every way; no longer does seniority make you a more valuable person to the company; a younger individual who is more technically online media savvy is seen as way more valuable.  And social media has got its tentacles into everything including dating! Yes, apparently 1 in 5 relationships start online. 

Well, one lady who can help you with your online dating profile and dating strategy is Lauren Frances; I stumbled onto her during one of the usual marathon online seminars that I’ve signed up for. I’ve listened to so many seminars and talks on dating and love that I can probably give one myself! The only catch is that my love doesn’t seem to be coming anyway near me. Evidently, whatever I hear during these talks is going in through one ear and coming out through the other ear.

So Desi Brigit Jones needs to seriously relook her online dating strategy.  I’m continually meeting nice guys with whom I can be friends with but with whom there is no romantic ‘spark’. In fact the last online beau actually wanted me to be available online on messenger on my phone so that he could ask me real-time for tips on how to impress his date!  Needless to say, he’s off my list of potential mates. 

Sigh... it’s time to advertise myself better in dating and in life.  

Brigit: Now how on earth does a technically ignorant person like me start marketing this blog on social media?  Well, while I can’t advertise, I can pray: “Dear God please let everyone who stops by click on the ‘Vote for me on ‘blogadda’ link on the left hand side of this blog”

God: Amen!


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