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Saturday, September 07, 2013


I came across this interesting article: Do men lie for Sex? While it’s an article on finance and other serious stuff, the catchy title got me thinking seriously about the question – Do men lie for Sex?
The answer to that question in Desi Brigit Jones, not so humble opinion is a resounding ‘Yes!’

Now wouldn’t it be fun to think of the most common lies men say and possible hilarious retorts to call their bluff:The most common lie ever said is: I love you.
He: ‘I love you’

Lady 1: ‘So?’

Lady 2: “Thanks, I love me too!”
Lady 3: ‘Hmm – you have excellent taste in women’

Of course if the man is married, add to the first lie, another common lie: ‘My wife doesn’t understand me!’
He: ‘My wife doesn’t understand me!”

Lady 1: “Probably with good reason”

Lady 2: “And why would you expect me to?”
Lady 3: “Poor you! Here – have a Kit Kat!’

Seriously, I mean – c’mon dear Men, when you’re trying to get women into the sack - come up with some better lies. Of course, the thing with lie s is that they’re so insidious that the liar probably doesn’t even realize it’s a lie. Yes, the most dangerous lies are the ones we tell ourselves. Psychologists call them beliefs too.   These are beliefs that have been perpetuated by our culture or early childhood experiences and these beliefs operate in the subconscious. Some common beliefs are like: “I’m not good enough”, “Nothing will work out for me”, “Men are not to be trusted” etc. Fortunately there are other positive beliefs that work in your favor “All things work out for the best”, “The best is yet to come” etc.  
Uncovering these unconscious beliefs and getting to the root of what’s blocking you from getting love in your life is the premise of the “Calling in the One” program by Katherine Woodward Thomas.

 Well, Desi Brigit Jones did buy the ‘Calling in the one” book and I've been plugging through it on and off over the past few months – but ‘The one’ just doesn’t seem to want to come to me!   Hmm... I guess there are a couple more ‘lies’ I need to unravel in myself.
 Brigit: You know what – I like my life as it is, I’m not quite sure I want a man to disrupt it; Is that why ‘The one’ hasn’t found me yet?  
God: Hmmm – I don’t know..
Brigit: That’s a lie! Gotcha! You’re the almighty – you’ve got to know!
God: Until you find the answer for yourself, it will never be true for you and therefore a ‘lie’
Brigit: Now does that mean a lie is my truth as long as I believe it?
God:  Well, it’s written in the bible: “As you believe, so it shall be”  
Brigit: This is very profound; so I create my own reality. Then, what on earth are you doing?!
God: Supporting you create whatever reality you choose.
Brigit: Ok, please send my Prince Charming before the end of the year – and I could do with a better model than the ones’ you sent me till now
God: You will get whoever you believe you deserve.
Brigit: Hrmmp!


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