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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Starry, Starry Night…

This whole obsession to try and figure out why the heck my love live sucks and why the heck I don’t have the relationship I want led me to explore the net and I stumbled onto all sorts of resources on the internet – dating coaches, seminars and what not.

What strikes me, however, is that there is not a single resource from India on the net talking about love and dating – c’mon not a single peep from the Land of the Kamasutra?! Hear, hear – I think there is a huge business opportunity for this space in urban India. I’m very conscious that I speak to just a fraction of the people in this country, bulk of whom are struggling with the basic necessities of life. For majority, finding love is probably a frivolity one can’t afford when the main aim is just to get something to eat. And yet with all its poverty and starkness, love does thrive – in various ways and this is the beauty of India and of humanity in general.

However, back to urban India - maybe I can put all my love ‘misadventures’ and subsequent learning from various sources to good use and set up my own ‘dating & love website’ – like they say you teach what you most need to learn!

The most interesting ‘export’ that I discovered online in the field of ‘dating’ from the land of the Kamasutra (we’ve exported Yoga, Ayurveda to mention a few) was astrology.   Yes, I stumbled onto Carol Allen’s VedicAstrology site and was quite impressed with how smartly she’s packaged Vedic astrology (from India!) with dating advice and psychology in a language and way that appeals to the modern person. In India, I guess you’d find an expert in one or the other but to connect the dots and present a product that appeals to this segment  (largely women searching for love, God knows what the men are looking for!) is quite smart in my opinion.

It’s all in the stars. Desi Brigit Jones doesn’t have a horoscope made (my catholic parents would have shuddered at the thought of doing something so pagan when I was born!) but I don’t think I’ll get one made anytime soon. I think it’s kind of like a self-fulfilling prophecy; if the stars say something will be so, then one tends to believe that outcome and “as one believes, so it shall be” – very biblical ironically!


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