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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Men and Butterflies

Never ever sit at the back of a bike driven by a guy in his 30’s; the reason – testosterone. Desi Brigit Jones learnt this the hard way. So a young male friend had agreed to drop me home from a friends place and since it was getting late, I agreed.  Picture this – we’re weaving our way through heavy traffic in Bangalore with me holding onto the back seat for dear life while the young stud goes full speed on his Yamaha. 

Being a staid catholic, I consciously refrained from clasping my hands around his 6 pack abs. Ahem! The young stud is a physical trainer so I’m not exaggerating about the taut abdomens.  Unfortunately, he’s also a good friend else there might have been some sparks flying – Desi Brigit Jones likes men who take care of themselves.  :)

Anyway, as we’re hurtling through the mayhem that is Bangalore at night, imagine my horror as the young stud turns his head 180 degrees to look back exclaiming,  “ Did you see that?!”

“No!” I yelled back, “Can you please keep your eyes on the road”

Meanwhile, he keeps turning back, “Wow, did you see that – the girl in hot pink pants?!”

I grit my teeth and pray that the ‘distraction’ goes out of sight quickly enough so that we get through the messy traffic lanes without any untoward incident.

Well, apparently the young stud can’t help being distracted by women. According to Dr. Brizendine, there is a scientific reason for this. Men are wired to look at any attractive woman who passes by the way one would look at pretty butterflies.

Evidently it has something to do with their high testosterone levels. If testosterone were beer, a 9 year old would be drinking a cup a day while a 15 year old would be drinking the equivalent of nearly 2 gallons a day. So this fuels men’s sexual engines and makes it impossible for them to stop thinking of the female anatomy and sex in general! The write-up concludes with a somber piece of advice: let men be men.

Hmm… so the next time the men at office are caught staring at your boobs, a phenomenon otherwise known  as the ‘Man Trance’, you don’t sue them for sexual harassment, you remember butterflies and make a note to get a fly swatter to work the next day - to swat them out of their trance. :)


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