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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Brigit’s commandments

Thou shalt not pine for A

Thou shalt not pine for J

Thou shalt not pine for Mr. E

Thou shalt not pine for P

Thou shalt not pine for V

……….Ad nauseum

God: we have a bit of a problem here huh?

Brigit: Yup! You’re sending me the wrong guys

God: Nope – I meant you need to get out and get a life

Brigit: Get a life with someone; ‘The one’? :)

God: Sigh… It’s tough enough being the almighty, without having to deal with impertinence….

Brigit: So when are you sending him my way God?

God: When you’re ready

 Brigit: I’ve been ready for a long time now.

God: And that is why you’ve got all the people you’ve met. They all came to you at the level you’re at. Didn’t you think P was the ultimate and your soul mate? Same goes for Mr E?

Brigit: ok, let me put it this way – I want someone who will stay my soul mate, not someone who either loses interest in me or who turns out to be an asshole. When is that happening?

God: In due course, when you’re ready for that kind of love

Brigit: Just make sure you send him my way before I’m 60 ok? 

God: Well, look at it this way, so what if you meet him at 60 – at least you can still hold hands! J

Brigit: Divine humour! Hrmmp!


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