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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Prayer for the week

Dear God,

Can you please send me a guy who has hair on his head, apart from the long list I already sent you last Christmas via Santa Claus, where I’d written all the inner qualities I like in a man.

See, here’s the problem, when his ‘inner beauty’ doesn’t quite match up to what I’d like to see, his lack of ‘outer beauty’ becomes even starker! E.g.: I never noticed A’s big paunch or how he had a double chin and looked like a grandfather toad until the day he pulled the plug on me and unceremoniously dumped all my stuff in my garage. Till then, I’d ignored the fact that he was a good 4” shorter than me, was fat and balding and his idea of fitness was moving the TV remote control from the left hand to the right hand. Nope, I was in ‘love’ with him and his ‘inner beauty’.

Inner beauty, my foot! At the risk of sound shallow, I say I’d like a tall guy, with hair on his head, a crinkly smile and twinkling eyes. Sounds like George Clooney, doesn’t it?!  Well that’s why this is a prayer to the almighty!


God: What you’d like is a good looking man, what you NEED is a kind hearted man

Brigit: Yes, I know – but I’d like to have my cake and eat it too!


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