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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Meaning of Life

So I was speaking to my pal the other day and we were having a profound conversation on ‘the meaning of life’. ‘Life has no meaning’ was this young, smart man’s view. He has everything going for him – a great job abroad (We Indians envy the folks who earn in Dollars!), a loving wife and a young son who is the cutest little boy I know. Well, why does he say that? I’m beginning to think he is right – “life has no meaning” apart from the meaning we give it - which was my takeaway from the Landmark Series Session that I attended some years ago.

Now that is very scary – for suddenly this whole quest for meaning falls flat on its face? Isn’t it so much easier to keep chasing this elusive dream of the ‘meaningful’ life rather than give meaning to what is there now?  It means paying attention to what is happening now. As Dan Millman in the book and movie “The PeacefulWarrior” says – “There are no ordinary moments”


Brigit: This is very confusing – I find no great meaning in my perils at the workplace and the romantic debacles I seem to fall into ever so often. What meaning am I meant to give to all this?

God: Good question! Sit with it

Brigit:  I always knew you were behind all those coaches and psychotherapists who dish out inane responses like what you’ve just said

God: No, seriously, sometimes you have to listen to what emerges from within you. So often the focus is on getting the answers from outside to all questions including your questions about love.

Brigit: I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re talking about but I’ll give it a shot. I guess the almighty at least should know what he is talking about. How do I start?

God: Be quiet. Meditate. Write

Brigit: Hrrmp! This is going to be tougher than I thought.

God: Remember, I am with you always.


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