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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Indian English

The Queen’s English has taken a new turn in good old India.   So Desi Brigit Jones being Indian can only write love letters in Indian English

To my dear Mr. E (please note this is to clarify to the reader that he’s not anyone else’ Dear).

Why did you not revert back to my last email wherein I wrote to you saying we must discuss about our dance on paper? I am trying very hard to get in touch with you but since I am not hearing from you of late, I think you must be out of station no?
In any case, let me tell you more about myself. Since I passed out of college over a decade and a half ago I have been working in jobs which have been giving me a very good remuneration. Every day, after my ablutions, I thank the almighty for all the blessings he has bestowed on me. All that is pending for me now is a good boy.

Hence I am writing to you but not finding any revert from you after so many emails. Why is that so? Years back, I asked God to send me a good man like you- bald but intelligent who would do all the needful to give me a comfortable life.  I tell you, you do one thing – why don’t you just take out your laptop and send me one email no?
Ok, now I have to go. The big sleep is coming on me. I have preponed my visit to Mumbai and I hope to hear from you by then.

Ok tata, bye bye!
Yours affectionately,



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