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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Dating Profiles

“I am genuine and simple down to earth guy with a welcoming sense of humor. I have a very eclectic taste in music and movies and always interested in trying something new. I enjoy meeting open minded people who enjoy exploring new places and trying new things. Anyone who is easy-going, sociable, and loves to laugh will get along great with me.”

We Indians love to copy and do so with pride. I’m just appalled at how many men do this even when writing their online profile on dating websites.  I’ve read some variation of the above profile written by at least 15 guys now! Duh!! 
Well, given that the average Indian man on this dating website can’t spell or write well, I’m not surprised they’re doing a ‘copy – paste’ – and the above profile seems to be the ‘master profile’.  I guess the draw is the impressive word ‘eclectic’.

Well, with online dating becoming the ‘in thing’, there are professionals who can help you write a smart online profile ( that btw will be my new business venture ) and one of the ‘gurus’ online is Adam Gilad. He caters to both women and men unlike most of the online resources that I’ve stumbled onto who largely cater to women. Why is that? I suspect it has to do with this apparent evolutionary premise that women are the ones who entice and men are the ‘hunters’. Though why anyone would want to entice someone with bad grammar is beyond me!
Women are also advised to post an attractive picture (smiling and wearing red) as men are largely visual creatures. The last email I got was from a rather charming man who could actually spell (Halleluiah!) asking me to send him my picture.  I didn’t send him a picture but said that with a bit of imagination and under certain lighting conditions (dim!); I’ve been told I resemble Julia Roberts. I never heard back from him; looks like he didn’t like my sense of humor….

Evidently, if you look like a troll, there is no way anyone will be bowled over by just your scintillating personality.
Sigh, apparently love just like beauty is indeed only skin deep.


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