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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Last Resolutions

I shall not pine over V now that I have deleted him forever from my inbox. I shall not fall in love and make babies in my head with the latest beau, R who has just appeared in my inbox.

Sigh… Resolutions, resolutions – and it’s not even New Years’ yet.  My last resolution for the year is this:  – I’m tired so no more searching, no more whining over the non-existent Prince charming.  It is winter and so it’s time to hibernate and rejuvenate and look afresh at life. Thanksgiving has just got over; I give thanks for all the wonderful men and women in my life who give me so much love.  I also give thanks for the winter that is keeping some frog safe to turn into my prince next spring.  Amen!
As Kermit the frog would say a la Sesame Street: “Hrrriiiipppit!”
Brigit: Do you know - That fortune teller at the Chinese temple I visited told me I’d drawn a very bad card in love and that I wouldn’t meet ‘the one’ this year
God: Well, if it’s any consolation – the year is almost over!

Brigit: Yeah – well I hope you do a better job next year than you did this year – no more randy 35 year olds and no more balding 55 year olds. Send me a 45 year old who is mature yet fun and who has hair on his head!
God: Let’s see; with Bangalore’s water content, the ‘hair’ on the head part might be the toughest. Even your hair is falling!

Brigit: Ok, given a choice between hair on his head or on mine, give it to me Lord! I’m totally ok with the baldie!


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