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Monday, October 28, 2013

Age is just a number

The next time I hear this statement from anyone, I shall poke their eyes out. Age is not just a number! If it were – I still would have the luscious hair I had at 24 and I wouldn’t have to worry about long sight glasses. Sigh – picture this; you’re on a date in one of Bangalore’s hot and happening pubs and can’t read the menu because you forgot your glasses! Now that means either I wear my long sight glasses around my neck  – like a grandma or I wear my soda glass prescription classes that make me look like a strict straitlaced catholic school teacher.    Three years ago, this would not have even been a topic for discussion!  Oh and ten years ago, I wouldn’t have needed L’Oreal to tell me “I’m worth it”; now I know the best hair color products not to mention the best hair color combinations ( try burgundy over a dark brown!).

Of course, my friends mean well when they say ‘Age is just a number’ – they want me to be open to more possibilities in my not so happening love life. The fact that this statement was last said to me by a date who is 15 years my senior obviously was in this context. Yes, he is youthful looking, articulate and intelligent to boot – but when I saw him walk into the pub last night in his striped blue shirt and black rimmed spectacles, I remember thinking to myself; ‘I don’t want to date my dad,’ which is who he reminded me of.  Can you fault me for that?

The other extreme is of course the young stud who is 10 years my junior who does the hot and cold routine – like a bathroom tap, today warm and friendly, tomorrow cold and distant. If this was in reference to a sauna, it would have been fun; nothing like the invigorating tingle of a cold shower after the steamy warmth of a hot sauna. Nope, when it is some young stud toying with you, you wish indeed that, ‘age was just a number’ – so that you could spank his bottom black and blue for his juvenile behavior.
Where are the nice men who are 2 – 3 years older than me? Evidently painting the town red with some 23 year old – Hrmmp!  Yeah right - If age is just a number, then Desi Brigit Jones is 2 going on 3… Time for a toddler tantrum - Waaaah!!


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