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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sociology and the Feminine energy

Desi Brigit Jones needs to get in touch with her ‘feminine’ side – not just to succeed in her love life but in her professional life too.   Whilst working in a predominantly male office, stating that you have more ‘balls’ than all the men in the office combined is not just anatomically incorrect, it is politically incorrect. So I decided the best way to get in touch with my feminine energy would be to enroll in dance and what better form than Indian dance.  After my last tryst with the martial arts which I’d written about here, I thought I’d explore some female dance forms.

It is interesting to note that two of the popular art forms in India – Mohiniyattam, the dance of the seductress and Kalaripayattu  -  the martial arts, both come from Kerala. This means the average Mallu man (Kerala man) is either getting his ass kicked or being seduced. Given that the Mallu women folk who can kick his ass are in the Gulf working as nurses, we now know what the men folk in Kerala are up to.  No wonder it’s called ‘God’s own country’.  Ha!

All the dating gurus on the net have all talked about the ‘feminine – masculine’ polarity that is so essential to any successful courtship or marriage.  In fact, Dan Brown‘s popular best seller, ‘The Da Vinci Code’ centers around finding the feminine key.  Hmm – so evidently, the only thing stopping me from being a best-selling author as well as a successful dater is my Yin – Yang imbalance.   

During my love trawl on the net, I stumbled onto Suzanne and Satyen Raja, a ‘love coaching’ couple, who talk about getting in touch with the whole male – female dynamic.  Their tag line is “Ignite Passion now; everything else can wait”. Nice branding!  I liked their videos, which emphasize the ‘inner’ state of being’ versus technique when connecting with a loved one.  In fact, these are mandatory viewing for the average Indian male who treats the female body like a radio station – flip, turn knob 1, dial, switch, tweak knob 2… Ouch!   That’s when my masculine energy breaks forth and I sock him in the jaw. 

Hmm, yes indeed, I do need to perfect my technique - Desi Brigit Jones needs to learn to sock the guy without damaging her nails!

God: I’m not so sure I like all those digs against Kerala men, after all Christianity came to India via Kerala.

Brigit:  I hate to disappoint you Lord, but the Mallu men who ran in joy towards St. Thomas when he landed his boat on the shores of Kerala, weren’t welcoming him, but were eyeing the caskets of wine on board.

God: You don’t say!

Brigit: Do you think it’s a coincidence that the states in India most known for their love of liquor, Kerala and Goa have a strong catholic presence?  I assure you, the spirit in those men has nothing to do with the Holy Spirit!


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