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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Running for the hills

Further to my last post on - The problem with online tools that match you up with a person based on your birthdate is that it’s just that – a set of numbers that is indicative but not necessarily the gospel truth.  My latest online beau, S and I have the highest compatibility (94%) as both lovers and friends according to Yet after 4-5 months of general chatting on the phone and 1 month since our in person meeting (he lives in another city), I’m just about ready to run for the hills. 

Nowhere does such a tool capture how emotionally healed a person is from his last divorce. Is he ready to get into another relationship at all?  Given that Desi Brigit Jones is forever wearing her ‘mommy’ hat, this time round, I've decided to be prudent and step back. Nope, S had better find someone else’s bosom to cuddle into; no more 'care taking' from this lady.  It is about time I burnt that ‘Mommy hat’; we’re all hurting kids trying to find someone to take care of us and I seem to specialize in being ‘Mommy’ to hurt little boys.

It's ironic; I've finally met someone who dotes on me and wants to get married and who calls me up every single day to say “I love you” to which the ever polite Desi Brigit Jones responds with ‘Thank you!’, (After all it is a sin to lie and say “I love you too” when one doesn’t isn’t it?) and yet I find myself thinking I need to get away from this man..

Sigh, maybe this is the year I really do sign up for the “Calling in the One” course being offered by Katherine Woodward Thomas  given that all the ‘ones’ I've called in last year turned out to be toads in in disguise. No matter how much I kissed them, they still remained  toads… sigh…..

It’s about time I met my prince. May 2014 be the year I kiss my last toad ( unless he's really cute :). 
Brigit: What is it with younger men anyway? They assume chronological age is directly proportional to experience in all facets of life. It’s so hilarious that the last young stud viewed me, staid catholic Desi Brigit Jones as Madame Kamasutra and a likely teacher in the art of lovemaking!   

God: And I thought you liked divine humor

Brigit: Hrmmp! Not when it’s at my expense!


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