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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Return of the Magi

After the long hiatus I now return. Evidently no one missed me. Hrmp! Looks like the internet is pretty much like real life.

Now that my priority has shifted from love and Prince Charming to getting to the bottom of what really makes people succeed in life, I’ve spent the past few days just listening to calls hosted by various speakers on sites like Awakening to Abundance and Your Life without Limits.

All these calls talk about the ‘inner’ energy and how your mind affects your outer reality etc. - The Secret 101 if you ask me.  After listening to these calls all day, it is so good to just let go, shut off the computer, sit quietly and just MEDITATE. Yes, that’s it – do nothing. No listening, no visualization, no chanting; absolutely nothing  – what a relief! The ancient Himalayan masters have been doing this from time immemorial; time to get back to my roots I say.

So I’m going to shut down now. Sit quietly and meditate. Shhh….
God: Hello!

Brigit: Shhh… I can’t talk – can’t you see I’m trying to meditate.

God: No one has time for me anymore in today’s world with the internet and technology and what not; I’d have better luck if I was an app.

Brigit: Shhh - I’m trying to listen to the ‘still small voice’ inside of me which according to the bible is GOD speaking. 

God: Hrmp! Narcissism – thy name is Brigit

Brigit: Hey!  I heard that ok?!

God: Ah… the ‘still small voice’ I presume?


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