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Wednesday, October 01, 2014


Ok so in addition to looking for a man, I now have to look for a new job. In all truthfulness, I must say I am very happy to get out of my brain dead moronic 9 – 9 day job. I just will miss the nice fat paycheck at the end of every month.
It’s rather like the relief you feel when getting out of a claustrophic relationship; you can finally breathe again. Phew!  Except that you miss having someone, even if he is a sorry sod, to be with every Friday night or the weekend.
Well, I’ve survived worse.  Shit hits the fan and life goes on.
Brigit: Boo hoo! I want my mummy!
God: There, there child, chin up. I am with you.  Interesting how you never ask for your father…
Brigit: Ok, prioritize – send me the job first.  The Indian men are anyway lining up for that Mars Orbiter round trip.
God: Maybe your next job could be selling tickets for the ride?  Ha! :)
Brigit: Sigh….Divine inspiration…. With friends like you I don’t need the devil.


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