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Sunday, August 10, 2014

What’s Up Butterfly?

I woke up at 5:30am today and the first thing I did was reach out for my phone – to check my WhatsApp messages, then email. Once upon a time, when I had the Blackberry, the first thing I’d do on opening my eyes was respond to the blinking red light by checking my official work email. I thought I’d beaten that habit and was congratulating myself on not being a workaholic that lifted the phone before lifting the toothbrush. However, I realize, like most addictions, I’ve just swapped one for another – I’m now a “Techaholic”.

Have you ever been on holiday in a lovely remote part of the world, surrounded by nature at its best and then reached out for your phone to click a snap to share with your buddies on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp? If so, join the bandwagon, you’re infected my friend!

A couple of years ago, on a visit to my home in the country side, I was sitting in the drive way furiously tapping away at my Blackberry,  when out of the blue, a little yellow butterfly landed on my phone screen. I sat transfixed as it fluttered its wings for a couple of seconds before flying away. Talk about a wakeup call! I put the phone down and watched the yellow butterfly gracefully flit through the tall green trees before disappearing into a blue sky that was dotted with fluffy white clouds.  It was a beautiful sunny day and I hadn't even noticed!

I remembered that moment today; it’s a beautiful Sunday morning, close to lunch time, and I’ve spent the last couple of hours on WhatsApp and Facebook. Don’t get me wrong – I think these apps are great means of communicating and staying in touch with people.  However, I wonder whether in today’s world we have a stronger relationship with our friends via our smart phones than in person. Looks like virtual trumps real world most of the time.

Last night, during one of those long meandering walks, I stumbled onto a neighborhood café that that I’ve seen whilst whizzing by in the car but never had the time or inclination to stop and check out. Maybe it was the rain, or the fact that of late, I’ve developed a fondness for little cafes which serve my favorite masala omelet and South Indian filter coffee, but I decided to visit the café. I walked in, settled down on the couch and promptly whipped out my smartphone.  In one of those sudden ‘aha’ moments, I consciously put the phone down and decided to just sit and observe.  I watched the young couple opposite having an animated conversation.  I noticed how familiar the waiter was – have I seen those dimpled cheeks elsewhere? I probably have but now with my fleeting attention span, I guess I won’t remember. I noticed the man with the beard who’d stared at me initially give me yet another intense look when he and his companion left the café. I wonder if we’d met before – he seemed familiar but I don’t remember.
Old habits die hard though; the smart phone beckoned and I succumbed. I took a picture of the ‘quaint café’ and sent it to my friend via WhatsApp. Meanwhile, another friend was bored and had texted me on WhatsApp:  “What are you up to?” I invited him over and voila – looks like the rainy, cold evening was turning out to be a fun evening catching up with a friend after 20 long years.

He arrived and after the first bout of reminiscing on the ‘good’ old days, we decided to make our way to one of Bangalore’s popular watering holes.  We were chatting at the counter over a beer when I noticed him checking his phone – with me sitting right in front of him. Oops - ‘Another one bites the dust.’
God: Be still and know that you are God

Brigit: Actually, it is “Be still and know that I am God”.

God: Same thing

Brigit: I suppose you’re referring to the Buddhist phrase:  “If you meet the Buddha on the road to enlightenment - kill him!” Right now I’m struggling to just BE still and not KNOW that my WhatsApp icon is blinking.  Do you mind?!


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